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A fresh perspective towards Micro White collar Services. From Complex to Simple.

Ranu Gupta Founder & CEO

Ranu Gupta
Founder & CEO  | 

There are about 50 million SMEs in India alone out of which only 15% are active online. Every year we see 2 Million new SMEs. The outsourcing journey for a Micro Business is full of conflicts. Right from discovering the right expert to getting the service completed. Small Businesses hire freelance experts without confidence. We make this journey more confident with trust and assurance. We simply make it happy.

On a mission to help a Million SMBs in India hire freelance experts happily.

Our Values.

We work with Integrity. We understand the value of trust. Building trust is the core fundamental we abide by. To fulfill this value, we pledge to work with full integrity, discipline and empathy.

We believe in Inclusion. We want to cultivate an equitable and an empathatic environment. Training is a continuous part of our culture. We help our people grow, learn new skills and manage people with compassion and live a healthy life.

We know our Goals. We know what we set out for. Keeping that in sight we plan for the future, cultivate our culture and amplify our resources.

We take it Personally. We take our community problems personally. Doing so help us address them aggressively. Be at the forefront of challenges and overcome them.
We won’t give up.

What we love.

Our Music

Our Music



People First.


To remunerate foryour skills, attitudeand values.

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Take responsibility tostart, grind anddeliver.






Being more kindhere.

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Eat. work. sleep.repeat.


to survive sprints.

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